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15 Free Advertising Ideas For Offline and Online Marketing!

15 Free Advertising Ideas For Offline and Online Marketing!

by AdminApril 27, 2013

15 Free Advertising Ideas For Offline and Online Marketing!

There are many ways to advertise without spending a lot of cash. Use these tips to your advantage. Modify them and make them your own. These are some cheap/free advertising ideas – you can incorporate these in to your day-to-day life, but for maximum response and coverage you should also integrate other marketing methods.

15 Free Advertising Ideas For Offline and Online Marketing!

1. Put your website address on notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers, windows, coffee cups.

2. Business cards and Drop Cards. Get several thousand business card sized flyers and distribute them everywhere. These can be left on shop shelves, bus stops, gym locker rooms, restaurants etc.

3. Article marketing is one of the most effective methods of advertising. If you write articles and then use a service to publish them, your articles become viral. Your articles will spread like a virus and could have the potential to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, and you can be seen as an expert in that industry.

4. Use your knowledge and publish a newsletter or e-zine. One your build up your list you can offer paid subscriptions or ads.

5. Always carry cards with you and do not be afraid to give each friend 10-15 cards, asking them to pass them on to their friends.

6. If your domain name is a string of words, try capitalising each. This helps people who just take a quick glance to remember it. For example:, instead of !!

7. Look into putting an ad in school sponsored publications (directories, PTA booklets, etc). Usually not too expensive.

8. Newspaper classified ads are cheap and effective.

9. Get your message out everywhere using flyers and business cards – if done in the local area people will begin remembering your name easily.

10. Put flyers on car windshields at your kids sporting Stadium, SuperMarket Malls.

11. Leave a business card with your tip for your waiter/waitress. If done a few times, they’ll not only remember you, but chances are they’ll pass your message on to the manager or owner of the restaurant.

12. Put up flyers and posters at the local colleges, libraries and grocery stores.

13. Put your website address on your car/van sun visor using vinyl letters.

14. Create a post-it stack of your business cards with a glue stick and then post them at pay phones.

15. Be Creative, Be different and get noticed. When you are unique then you are one step ahead of your competition. The more outrageous the idea you come up with, the more it will stick in people’s minds.

Just remember that the only way to succeed with your business is to do something. No one has ever found success by doing nothing.

There are many ways to promote your business without spending a fortune. Think outside the box. Most people notice things that are different, something that draws their attention or even makes them laugh.

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