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Best Keywords analyzing tools

Best Keywords analyzing tools

by AdminApril 28, 2013

Best Keywords analyzing tools

It is very important to research and locate good keywords, It is also extremely important to use them correctly! You will want them to relate to your text and appear frequently. Yet, you do not want them to appear too much in the text, since you do not want the search engine to think you are doing keyword spamming and hurt your rank.Best Keywords analyzing tools

This is where keywords analyzing come in. Those tools will go over your already written page and make sure that is it relevant to your keywords and has them frequently but not too frequently. In addition, it might help you discover new keywords by identified phrases you used frequently in your text.

The right keyword analysis tools does more than improve your productivity as a search marketer—it improves your search marketing strategy as well.

1. SEObool – Here you can find a free tool to check your keywords density (up to the level of 3 words keyword). The page also includes an explanation about keywords in the search engine algorithm.

2. Webconfs – Keywords density checker. This tool return your “Keywords cloud” which gives you a visual look at the keywords density on your site.

3. Page analyzer – This keywords analyzer limits the size of the page you can check with it for free users.

4. craftkeys – Allows you to check keywords through the entire domain and to compare two websites.

5. Keyword Analyzer – Research and Analyze the keyword targeting from your web page for any keyword and urls and verify if your page is optimized for the given keyword.

6. Lipperhey – Without a steady stream of visitors, a website is no more effective than a billboard in the desert.

Don’t Just Analyze Keywords, Act on Them.

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