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How to Effectively Maximize Your Infographic Exposure

How to Effectively Maximize Your Infographic Exposure

by AdminJune 19, 2013

Popularity of information graphics, commonly known as Infographics, has grown exponentially in the past year due to big name companies use of Infographics for branding purposes. It allows a brand to do this through visual storytelling. Ongoing competition between these companies, along with smaller brands, means harder work on your end if you want potential clients to take notice. Below are steps to help increase your exposure and showcase your expertise.


Optimize Your Content

Just as you would with your website content, infographic content should be optimized as well. This involves researching your product, finding compelling and interesting statistics and presenting them in a simple way to grab the attention of your audience. Specific topics that are related to the information you are sharing should be highlighted. Prior to its launch, you should ensure that the information is esthetically appealing not just to you, but to your target audience. The bigger the wave it creates, the bigger reach your infographic will have in the sea of information.

Make Sharing Easy

Ease of sharing the information you have created can be the difference between going viral and falling flat. Even if you have a fantastic infographic, if you do not have the proper platforms to share it on, it won’t gain traction.  Incorporation of social media buttons on the infographic hosting site is also imperative to allow your audience to share via Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Use Your Own Social Media Profiles

Anyone can create content, but creating trust is an important goal to keep in mind. Becoming a reputable wealth of information through building up your own social media profiles is a great launching board for information sharing. Your fans and friends can be a source of advertisement all on their own by sharing them on your personal Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles.

Keep It Simple

Information should be easily broken down along and able to read quickly, which is why infographics have gained popularity. They are visually pleasing, while getting the author’s point across quickly. An important thing to keep in mind when creating the graphic part of infographics is to divide your content into two parts – master graphics and smaller segments. The master graphics should be the important information you wish to share while the smaller segments complement and give further, but brief information.

Don’t Forget About Infographic Journals

An often forgotten about and useful resource for information sharing are online magazines and online directories. These are both very helpful in increasing your infographic visibility and an easy way for people to come across your content. Those that find your information helpful or interesting are likely to reshare. Sites such as or are two of the best publication sites currently on the internet.

Following these strategies, coupled with creating high quality, comprehensive and intelligent infographics will certainly help pave the way for you to engage your audience and become authoritative on subjects you are passionate about.

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