Top 4 Keyword Research Tools


There are a number of keyword research tools on the Web that will help you identify the best keywords to target for your website. Here are a few of our favourites: Keyword Research Tools, Free Keyword tools

Top 4 Keyword Research Tools

1) Wordtracker This is a great tool that will help you brainstorm for keywords, and then track their performance over all the major search engines. There is a small registration fee but it is well worth it. We use this tool regularly.

2) Digital tracker keyword suggestion –  This is a great tool for tracking keywords. We use it regularly. It allows you to track your performance in Google for keywords you specify.

3) Overture Keyword Selector Tool –  This shows how often a keyword was searched for in a month on Overture and all related searches for the entered keyword. An excellent tool for brainstorming.

4) Google keyword tool –  The Google keyword tool is a tool for generating keywords for your AdWords campaigns, but it is also a great brainstorming tool, and gives you an insight into what is being searched for on Google.


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