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Using Targeted PPC Campaigns to Gain New Leads for SMEs

Using Targeted PPC Campaigns to Gain New Leads for SMEs

by AdminJanuary 7, 2014

Using Targeted PPC Campaigns to Gain New Leads for SMEs

SMEs typically cater to a specific type of customer and offer only a few niche products. They also have a budget constraint when it comes to using advertising or marketing solutions. uses and suggests targeted PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords to ensure that the SME maximize the return on its investment while acquiring the best possible leads.

PPC Mechanism
Since there are many websites and plenty of content available on the World Wide Web, most online users and potential customers use search engines to obtain information. While search engine optimization can ensure that your website ranks high on relevant search results, this is typically a long term strategy that can also be expensive. Another way of achieving the result of attaining prospective leads to your website is to pay for ads that will appear at the top of search engine results. Advertisers typically have to pay per click or PPC when their ad or web site appears and a visitor clicks on it.

Narrowing Search Terms
Since you will have to pay the search engine every time a person clicks on the link, you need to ensure that only viable leads click on it. This will increase your return on investment.
In order to ensure that only viable leads click on the link, you need to define the search terms that need to be used before your paid for link appears in the search results. The narrower the search terms definition, the better since this will ensure that only a few people ever click on the link. However, a severely narrow search term will put you in the unfortunate position of missing out on many potential leads.

Define the Search Terms
When you are using a PPC model to garner more visitors and leads, you need to define the search terms using criteria such as the niche segment you are operating in as well as your location. For instance, if you provide door delivery of sushi in Perth, your search terms should include all these words in precisely this order.
This will ensure that only those looking for this product in Perth will be shown the link to your site, making conversion easier. On the other hand, having a search term such as gourmet foods will be an expensive way of acquiring prospective leads since you will end up having to pay for clicks from people looking for other gourmet foods all over the country or even the world.

Ongoing Process
Defining search terms is an ongoing process since you need to be in touch with the way people are currently thinking as well as ensuring that the terms define your current business model and strategy. For instance, if your business expands to include takeaway or into other cities, the search terms you use need to reflect this reality.

By constantly monitoring and tweaking search terms, a SME can ensure that the return on investment using a PPC model is substantial in terms of leads and customers.

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